Birthdays, Weddings, and Blessings



Sugar High Bakery has been MIA for a while but I’m slowly getting back to it! I recently had my second baby and it put me out of commission for a while. I’m not the tough type that pushes through the nausea and extreme exhaustion. I’m the baby on the couch whining for nine months straight. It’s strange the personality change I go through while being pregnant. I literally could not think clearly or accomplish a simple task without it becoming a huge ordeal that seemed near impossible without the help of others. Well, thank goodness for family and getting through it all! And to top it off, I have an amazingly beautiful baby girl whom I love to bits and bits, making those long nine months totally worth it.

Here are a few projects I’ve done since having my little bundle…

Who doesn’t love the trendy smash cakes for the one-year birthday?! I did this gluten-free smash cake with vanilla buttercream frosting for a cute little one-year-old birthday boy. His mom themed the party ‘tribal’. She showed me a photo of what she wanted the cake topper to look like. I was able to replicate it in the colors she wanted and voila! A pretty darn cute smash cake!



Next up, wedding cupcakes!

These were done for a pre-wedding party. The cake is triple chocolate with a white chocolate cream cheese frosting. IMG_3899

I created the toppers by tying little tags to toothpicks and stamped the tags with fun little ‘wedding’ words. The little ‘pearl’ like adornments are stickers. I think they turned out pretty cute!IMG_3903

Since they were for a wedding I frosted the cupcakes like roses and added a little shimmer with edible glitter to give it that extra special touch. IMG_3916

And lastly, I made some cake pops for my little baby’s blessing. These turned out quite delicious! It’s a vanilla cake dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with gold sprinkles. I then tied the sticks with white ribbon. I tried out a new cake-pop pan I received as a Christmas gift and it worked out great! I thought it was a lot easier than forming the cake balls by hand.


IMG_3996In the coming weeks I’ll be doing another smash cake, a gender reveal cake and wait for it!…Frozen themed cake pops! Got to get on that bandwagon! So stay tuned!



Witch Feet Cupcakes

Halloween is always a fun time for any crafter. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be the perfect treat for a ladies-night-out party. IMG_3629

I cut out dozens of little witch shoes from black cardstock and added little glitter glue dots for buttons. I then hotglued halved paper straws to the ends and stuck them in!

The cake is marble (chocolate and vanilla) with a purple buttercream. I also added black edible glitter to give it a little sparkle. The photos don’t do these cute cakes justice. IMG_3633 IMG_3642 IMG_3643I hope all the ladies cackled with glee after these cupcakes! I sure had fun making them!

Fall cupcakes!

I made these fun cupcakes last week for a class. The leaves I made from marshmallow fondant and the cupcakes are pumpkin with cream cheese buttercream.


I also had a friend request my vanilla cupcakes so I figured I would decorate them for Halloween! They all turned out cute and of course very tasty! I love my newHalloween sprinkles I got. The bats are so fun!20131007-141211.jpg


If you’re thinking of having a Halloween party then call me to do your treats! Your guests will love these!